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Wednesday apartment fire in Bloomington

The cause of a Wednesday apartment fire in Bloomington is under investigation.

A large amount of smoke was observed coming from an apartment building on Brickyard Drive Wednesday morning. Officers evacuated residents from the three-story apartment complex and several apartment doors were forced open to ensure no residents were still inside.

A Husky was rescued from one of the apartments and the blaze was extinguished by members of the Bloomington and Normal fire departments. The cause remains under investigation.

“The women and men of the Bloomington Police Department have great pride in serving this community,” said Police Chief Jamal Simington. “This morning’s actions are evidence of their continual sacrifice to care for and protect others.”

According to Simington, without the officers’ awareness and diligent response, the fire could have been more tragic and resulted in the loss of lives.

“I applaud their valiant efforts and timely response to this fire incident,” he added.


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