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Tips for the solar eclipse

Residents across Illinois and the rest of the country are getting ready to view Monday's solar eclipse.

Authorities have issued a few reminders - especially for those in the path of totality which is southern Illinois and other locations. Expect heavy traffic in these areas during the afternoon. Motorists wanting to take a look at the event should safely pull off of the road to view it. Never stop or park in the roadway as this can result in a dangerous traffic crash.

Experts also say to wear special eclipse glasses for safe viewing. Never look directly at the sun as even brief exposure can cause damage to the eyes.

According to police, always respect private property. Obey "no trespassing" signs and if you don't own the land or don't have permission to be on it, don't. Private land can also be marked with purple paint along boundaries. The purple is the same as a no trespassing sign.


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