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New voter cards to be mailed

Registered voters in Livingston County will be receiving new Voter Registration Cards (yellow postcards) during the next couple of weeks.

As required by law, the County Clerk’s office is in the process of completing a purge of Livingston County voters. County Clerk Kristy Masching explained that a purge is done to help maintain voter registrations by keeping them current and up-to-date, to eliminate voters that are deceased, or have moved from Livingston County.

Masching urges voters to check their voter’s card and familiarize themselves with their districts and polling locations, as some changes may have occurred. Voters should sign their new card and destroy the old card.

Masching is asking for voter's assistance in returning Voter Registration cards that were delivered to individuals that no longer live at the address where the card was delivered. Should a household receive a Voter ID card for a member of their family or for an individual that once resided at that address, but no longer does, please mark on the Voter ID card "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS ". If you know the address where the individual has moved to, please place that on the card too. Place the card in the mail to be returned to the CountyClerk's office. No additional postage is required. It is important that these cards be returned to the Clerk's office and not just destroyed, nor should they be given to the person listed on the card that does not live in that household. If the addressee on the card is deceased, please notify the County Clerk’s office in writing. The sole purpose of a purge is to have correct voter data for the election process.

Also, if an individual's address has been changed by municipality or post office action, please inform the CountyClerk's office of said changes. Masching says that if a person had a Rural Route Box number that was changed by 9-1-1 addressing but their new voter card reflects an incorrect address her office needs to be informed.

The new cards will be mailed Friday, August 18. Registered voters who do not receive a voter’s card by the first week in September should notify the County Clerk’s office at 815-844-2006.


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