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Local farm museum a hit

(A display inside the Alvin H. Immke Jr. Farm Museum at the Threshermen's Reunion)

Visitors to this year’s Threshermen’s Reunion near Pontiac were able to enjoy a brand-new local farm museum.

The Alvin H. Immke Jr. Farm Museum was added to the grounds at Threshermen’s Park this past year.

“I needed to keep his collection together after he passed away and thoughts just came right to the Threshermen’s,” recalled Elain Immke, wife of the late Alvin Immke.

The Immkes had worked with the reunion on other projects in the past. She contacted them and proposed putting in a new building to display the old farm items if they would maintain it.

“It’s my gift to the Threshermen’s Reunion,” notes Immke.

Those walking through the building enjoyed items such as cow tools, nut grinders, ice tongs, rug beaters and cherry pitters. There was even a collection of old mouse traps displayed and a wooden book made by Alvin was there.

“We might even find a few more things on the farm yet to bring in with something new every year,” said Immke.

This year’s reunion may be over but mark your calendar for next year’s event during Labor Day weekend in case you didn’t catch a glimpse of the farm museum this year on the grounds. Immke hopes more people are drawn out to the event because of this each year as she considers it a “worthwhile” cause.

“The older generations are fleeing fast and we have to teach the next generation we can’t lose it.”


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