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Give back through 'Giving Garden' program

Healthy communities grow with community support. Let the harvest of your garden contribute to the health of your community this summer.

Offering garden vegetables is a source of food that ensures a neighbor facing food insecurity has access to fresh produce. An arrangement of fresh-cut flowers is a beautiful gift but it also improves emotional health, for both the giver and the recipient. The vegetables and flowers of your garden can grow with great pride this summer and support the health needs of your community.

Join the Illinois Extension Giving Garden with a pledge to Grow and Give Back.  


University of Illinois Extension serving Livingston, McLean, and Woodford Counties is offering seeds, plants, and education to any community member who wishes to grow a vegetable or flower Giving Garden. Participants receive materials for free when they pledge to donate 50% of their garden harvest to a community member in need. Every gardener in the community is welcome to participate, whether they have an acre to grow in or a single container. 


Throughout the growing season, Illinois Extension staff will deliver a monthly educational email newsletter to help community gardeners grow a healthy, productive garden. Monthly guidance will include research-based information and videos covering site preparation, garden management, donation of a harvest, and seed saving. Gardeners will also have direct access to a garden donation tracker in the monthly emails – a tool that helps Illinois Extension report the incredible impact of each Giving Garden contribution.  



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