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Fraud reported around state

Pontiac Police and agencies across the state are getting numerous reports of fraudulent claims being made to the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

The claims indicate the recipient has filed a claim of unemployment and often are found when the recipient gets a UI Finding letter. The finding notification itself contains no personal identifiable information except name, address and place of work. We have seen all the information correct as well as some not correct, such as place worked, a common short name such as Bill instead of William and may include bank information that is not correct.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has set up a web site to make a report.

You can also call IDES (800) 814-0513 and leave a message and they will contact you, usually days later. The web form is preferred. IDES states do not attempt to cash a debit card you may receive and do not contact Keybank.

You can also request your free credit reports via and review them for other fraudulent activities.


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