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Crop insurance reminders given

(Abby Mays of GCA Insurance gives crop insurance updates during a local meeting Tuesday)

A group of local farmers filled the Graymont Town Hall this week during an informational winter meeting hosted by Graymont Cooperative on markets and insurance.

The crop insurance sales closing date is March 15 so ag insurance decisions must be made by then for the upcoming growing season.

"You have to turn a replant claim in before you replant," advises Abby Mays of GCA Insurance Services, a branch of Graymont Co-op. "If you know you have a production claim, call right away."

If a claim is turned in for one crop, it does not automatically transfer to a second crop. Grain must be delivered in the same name as the policy is written. Mays reminded farmers to check over their 578 forms as they import the information from the Farm Service Agency office.

Growers are reminded to market their guarantee and maximize it to their benefit.

"It's a great tool," notes Mays.


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