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County's District 1 to have November race

A Democrat will battle Republicans this fall in District One of the Livingston County Board which includes Pontiac.

Mary E. Comens was the lone Democrat on the primary ballot this week, getting 192 votes to earn a spot on the November general election ballot. In the four-way race on the Republican side, winners included James Carley, Regina “Gina” Manker and Marty Fannin. They defeated David Rice.

In Livingston County’s District Two, Republicans Steven Lovell, Gerald Earing and Michael Haag were unopposed and won the primary. For District Three, Craig Monson, Rebekah Fehr and Mark Runyon were the three on the Republican ballot running un-opposed. Runyon recently passed away and an appointment to replace him is expected to be announced soon. This will be to finish out his current term through November.

Around 82 percent of Republicans in the county chose Donald J. Trump for president while 92 percent of Democrats in the county nominated Joseph R. Biden Jr.

In the race for State Senate in Illinois’ 53rd district, local candidate Jesse Faber may not have won the seat, but he did win in Livingston County with 43.5 percent of the vote. Chris Balkema, who defeated Faber in the entire district, came in second in Livingston County with 41.9 percent of the vote.

There was a 25 percent voter turnout in Livingston County for Tuesday’s primary election.




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