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Fire reported at BroMenn

NORMAL – Smoke coming from the roof of Advocate Bromenn Medical Center lead firefighters to an air handler which was burning. Thankfully the smoke and fire was contained by a combination of automatic smoke doors, and quick action by firefighters.

Firefighters were called to Advocate Bromenn Medical Center at 1304 Franklin Avenue, this afternoon just after 3 PM to multiple reports of smoke and fire coming from the roof of the east side of the hospital. Prior to our arrival, the hospital fire alarm also reported smoke and alerted security and simultaneously closed off the automatic fire doors and shut down air handling equipment, which limited the smoke spread throughout the building.

Upon arrival, smoke was observed coming from a roof vent leading to an air handler unit in the easternmost wing of the main hospital building, now referred to as Building E. A damage estimate is not available at this time. Fire damage was isolated to the air handler, the ductwork, the roof fan assembly, and the surrounding materials between the roof and the ceiling of the mechanical room. Moderate smoke filled the 2nd floor of Building E, but no obvious permanent damage was noted, and minimal water was used to extinguish the fire.

During the incident, only the affected area of the hospital was evacuated.

Normal Fire Department investigators are working at the scene to determine what caused the fire.

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