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IL Chamber comments on order

"We commend the governor for his strong leadership in keeping Illinoisans safe during this public health crisis," said Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch.

"The Chamber hoped the order would be a last resort with more time to evaluate the effectiveness of the previous unprecedented measures that would have had less impact on Illinois' economy. We are very concerned about the families who are going to lose their stability, their paychecks and their jobs."

"However, we recognize the governor has the constitutional authority to make a judgement on what he believes is best for the people of Illinois. Therefore, we are calling on our policymakers to recognize that we have both a public health crisis and an economic crisis in Illinois. It has been reported that from Monday to Wednesday this week 64,000 new applications for unemployment benefits were filed. This is an incredibly important public health issue that requires strong action, but we need equally aggressive action to ease the economic burden that will be carried by all Illinoisans in the coming weeks."

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