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Ford Co. offices open

To alleviate confusion and give accurate information to the citizens of Ford County and the public generally, the recent Order limiting court business in the 11th Judicial Circuit has no effect on the other county offices located within the courthouse.

The Ford County Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer, Supervisor of Assessments, and Sheriff’s Offices will continue to be open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday except for holidays, until further notice.

However, much of the business conducted on a day-to-day basis in those offices can be conducted over the phone or using email communication. For that reason, the public is asked to avoid unnecessary trips to the courthouse and call or email ahead to determine if their matter can be addressed without an in-person conference.

Phone numbers and email addresses are available under the “Offices” tab on the Ford County website at


Mark R. Doran

Sheriff of Ford County, Illinois

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