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State's problems 'self-inflicted'

Despite the state’s not-so-great reputation, one state representative believes there is some good news in Illinois: all of the problems we have are self-inflicted.

State Rep. Chris Miller from the 110th district in the Coles County town of Oakland, addressed the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs in Springfield over the weekend.

“If we get together, then we can fix everything that is broken about the State of Illinois,” he said.

Ag is one of the main economic drivers in Miller’s district along with coal and ethanol. He also has an oil refinery nearby. Miller has observed a common theme when he meets with groups to leave them alone. They often express concern over legislation which would make it more difficult to conduct business in Illinois.

There is a laundry list of items Miller would like to see in 2020 at the state level staring with the creation of a friendly business and family environment.

“We have to do something to stop the mass exodus in the State of Illinois. People are getting fed up and leaving because they are taxed and regulated to death.”

Miller acknowledges is can be difficult for families and businesses to thrive in this state and successful people are choosing to leave. He is concerned over a shrinking tax based leading to less revenue as what he calls the “spiral” continues downward.

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