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Ford County implements dispatch system

The Ford County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce the implementation of the Medical Priority Dispatch System™ MPDS® to better serve the residents of Ford County in emergency situations.

With this new system, emergency dispatchers will follow nationally recognized standards and research-based protocols to identify life-threatening situations and to safely prioritize calls for fast response. The protocols guide emergency dispatchers through a series of questions they ask callers in order to identify the issue so they can send the correct help to the victim.

Emergency dispatchers will also use the questions to provide responders with accurate information so they can more effectively give care once they’re on the scene. Additionally, with the MPDS® emergency dispatchers can provide lifesaving and safety instructions to callers and victims before responders arrive.

For example, by using the MPDS, the emergency dispatcher can instruct a caller on performing CPR or delivering a baby.

“I am very pleased with this investment.” “We will be much better prepared to answer 911 calls and dispatch the critical information first responders need for the emergencies that happen in Ford County and surrounding areas.” (Sheriff, Mark R. Doran)

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