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Chatsworth celebrates its heritage

A view of last year's Chatsworth Heritage Days parade / EOCI photo.

CHATSWORTH – A summer tradition continues in the eastern Livingston County town of Chatsworth this weekend with Heritage Days.

The event runs Thursday through Saturday with numerous activities, including a cruise night, hot air balloon ascension, alumni gatherings, musical performances, fishing derby, parade and Chatsworth Idol contest. A new event includes the Bluebird Egg Drop which includes prizes. All of the funds raised from this benefit the local Bluebird project.

Chatsworth Mayor Richard Runyon says the town has a great history worth celebrating.

“Last year, we just had our 150th birthday so it’s always been a nice town,” Runyon said. “It’s a celebration where everybody can get together.”

Runyon encourages Heritage Days visitors to check out the historical sites in town such as the old caboose and one-room schoolhouse. Work continues on the old school and help is needed to finish the restoration.

“It is a nice museum so we want to preserve it,” Runyon added.

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