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Lawmakers send budget to governor

SPRINGFIELD – Members of the Illinois House are sending Gov. Bruce Rauner what they call a truly balanced and bi-partisan state budget.

This budget includes more money for all school districts, funding to address the legionnaire’s outbreak at the Quincy Veterans Home and does not raise taxes. The new budget also offers pension buyout options and a 50-cent wage increase for caregivers who work mainly with developmentally disabled individuals.

Rauner’s office issued this statement Thursday on the passage of the Fiscal Year 19 budget:

“We started this year’s budget process with the common-sense goals of a full-year balanced budget and no new taxes. With this budget, we can come as close as any General Assembly and Governor in Illinois have in a very long time. It’s a step in the right direction, though it does not include much-needed debt paydown and reforms that would reduce taxes, grow our economy, create jobs and raise family incomes. The Fiscal Year 2019 budget is the result of bipartisan effort and compromise. We worked together to provide a budget to the people of Illinois that can be balanced, with hard work and continued bipartisan effort to deliver on the promises it makes. I’ll be taking action quickly to enact the Fiscal Year 19 budget into law.”

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