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Warnings installed near NFD headquarters

Photo courtesy of the Normal Fire Department.

NORMAL – When firefighters and paramedics respond to emergencies from Headquarters Fire House, the warning lights and sirens on their rigs won’t be the only warning that motorists will receive.

When travelling northbound on Main Street from Hovey Avenue, motorists will now see two sets of bright yellow signs that warn motorists that a fire station is ahead. The signs at Main and Osage Streets are equipped with flashing yellow lights and white strobe lights which are activated by crews as they prepare to leave the station. The warning lights are designed to warn motorists traveling northbound that fire apparatus may be turning onto or crossing Main Street at Dale Street. After a short delay, the lights turn off until the next emergency.

“It’s always a good idea to watch out for emergency vehicles any time you are driving near a fire station, especially on a busy roadway,” says Mick Humer, Fire Chief. “The added benefit of the flashing lights helps to draw your attention to the times when apparatus will be crossing or turning onto Main Street so that you can be alert and watch out for them.”

As a general reminder, if you see an emergency vehicle with lights on and siren activated, you should slow down and pull to the right side of the road so they have more room to pass. If you see an emergency vehicle stopped with its emergency lights activated, you should slow down and move over to give the emergency personnel room to work safely.

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