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State rep. remains hopeful

(file photo)

GIBSON CITY – State Rep. Tom Bennett (R-106th) remains hopeful for a state budget by the end of May, although he admits lawmakers have their work cut out for them.

Education, facilities and pensions were themes of the governor’s recent budget speech in Springfield. Bennett and others are trying to get their hands around these issues in the General Assembly.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to start working on that soon,” Bennett said. “I think we’ll be able to look at (the budget blueprint) in more detail and start working through that process. It’s going to take a little bit of time though.”

The Illinois House is back in session next week and is typically in session 60-90 days per year from January through the end of May.

“The budget we had this last time was not balanced, so that just adds to the debt and challenges,” Bennett added.

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